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Apprenticeship Grants in Manchester

Apprenticeship Grants in Manchester for employing young people: Who Qualifies?

Latest information on Apprenticeship Grants for Employers: April 2015

The Conservative government has moved quickly to back up it's election promises. In what looks - so far - like a genuine effort to win over a sceptical Northern public who traditionally vote Labour, the government has begun to devolve power (money) from Westminster to the regions.

As a result the new buzz-words are 'Northern' and 'Powerhouse'. More tangibly, it means that from now on Greater Manchester Council are directly responsible for making grants available for all approved apprenticeship schemes based in the Greater Manchester area.

If you're an employer or you're a would-be employee looking for an apprenticeship in the Manchester area you've come to the right place for up-to-date guidance on what's available now and how to access the apprentice you want or the apprenticeship you're looking for.

If it's advice about apprenticeships in Manchester it's here.

Available from April 2015


Financial Incentives and other recruitment support for Employers and Apprentices in Greater Manchester Area

Financial incentives for Employers

1. A £1,500 grant to recruit a 16 - 24 year old apprentice provided that the employer has not taken on an apprentice in the past 12 months. A grant may also be available towards the cost of training.

The qualifying criteria for GM AGE has now been approved as follows:

A GM AGE incentive is available to an employer offering any apprenticeship where:

  • The apprentice workplace is in located within the Greater Manchester area
  • The company size is less than 250 employees in number
  • The company has not employed an apprentice in the last 12 months.
  • The Apprentice is between the ages of 16 and 24.

Up to 3 GM AGE grants of £1,500 are available to any employer meeting the eligibility criteria. The model also includes additional incentive payments to encourage:

  • Progressing a young person from a completed Traineeship to an Apprenticeship - £1,000 additional employer incentive.
  • Employing an Advanced or Higher Apprenticeship - £1,000 additional employer incentive.
  • Support to providers supporting Triailblazer Standard - £1,000 provider incentive.

For more visit the National Apprenticeship Service website or call 0800 150600.

GM AGE Update Statement (204kb)       GM AGE Employer Factsheet (353kb)

Or contact Manchester City Council: Gary Lamb ( or Emma Harrison (

Further Help to employ Young Disabled People in Gtr Manchester

2. A grant of £2,275 to recruit a young disabled person through Work Choice, a national support programme for disabled people with the most complex needs.

For more information please contact the Shaw Trust on 0161 9534457.

Here you can find links to the government website dedicated to Apprenticeships