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Manchester Guidebook

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These pages are dedicated to the many disparate and differing communities that exist in Manchester and which TOGETHER, help to make Manchester one of the UK's most interesting and eclectic cities.

We aim to help you stay in touch with what's happening to the city and to keep you informed about the various communities which call Manchester home.

Club Culture

Want access to the best nights, the best VIP lounges, free tickets and free drinks? Plus, up to date guides to all the top clubs, bars, and nightlife in Manchester... All in Manchester After Dark. more

Musicians of Manchester

From History of Manchester Music, to record labels, to musicians wanted, you can probably get it more

Gay & Lesbian

The City of Manchester has a vibrant gay community, probably the largest and certainly the most visible outside London. With a diverse range of bars, pubs and clubs, centered on the City's Gay Village, and numerous support groups, Manchester's gay community is leading the country. more


Whether you're a Fresher or a seasoned old pro, welcomes you. And with 20,000 pages covering everything that's happening in the city, this special section will keep you fully up-to-speed during the coming term more


Need a doctor or a cleaner, fancy ordering breakfast in bed or want a video delivering direct to your door? It's all in the ultimate city centre survival guide to Manchester more

Asian Community

Section Dedicated to Southern Asia. With fully interactive features including dating, discussion, pen pals, accommodation etc. more

Italian Community

A brief look into the history of the Italian community in manchester more