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Up to 70% off phone calls

To call India via British Telecom costs 114pence per minute, even if done in the evening, outside UK business hours.

So the annual cost of calling 'home' works out at 593 per year if your calls average just 10 minutes in total each week.
But if you use an 'override provider' you can cut your costs dramatically.

The challenge is to find an 'override provider' that you can rely on not to drop your connection or to give you a poor or faulty connection.

We use Communications 2000 for all our landline telephone calls to India. Each call costs 29 pence per minute in the evening compared to BT's cost of 114pence per minute.

This means that whereas our annual bill with BT for 10 minutes calling time to India each week was 593, it has now dropped to 151 per year, saving us 442 every year.

The service has recently opened up to residents as well as businesses, so you can now enjoy the same savings as we do if you telephone India on a regular basis.

We signed up with 'Gold Tariff' tp get such a large discount, and now you can too by telephoning Communications 2000 on 0808 177 2000

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