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Schools League Tables

Manchester Schools League Tables

Where are the best schools in Manchester?

If you are planning to live in Manchester and have children, the standard of schools in the area is important.

To that end, we have studied the most recent league tables (published in December 2006) to make a shortlist of the ten best and worst primary and secondary schools in Manchester.

Best Primary Schools In Manchester

The best and worst schools have been rated using the Value Added Score, which is computed using the improvement between a pupil�s SAT scores in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. The national average for Value Added Scores is 99.8, with the top 5% of schools nationally achieving scores of 101.8 and above, and the bottom 5% achieving 97.7 and below.

Best Secondary Schools In Manchester

Manchester has a number of excellent academically selective schools whose pupils consistently attain five A-C GCSE grades. However, the best measure of the teaching within a school is seen through the improvement of the pupils from Key Stage Two to Key Stage Four, measured through contextual value added scale. This compares the exam performance with the average performance of pupils who attained similar SAT results. The top five percent of schools nationally achieved a score of 1028.85, and the bottom five scored below 972.84.

We have therefore created two lists: Ten Best Schools in Manchester, judged on the percentage of pupils achieving five A-C grades at GCSE, and the Ten Best Schools in Manchester for Improvement, which is judged on the contextual value added.