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Manchester History

1712 St Ann's Church consecrated.
1719 Manchester's first newspaper, the Manchester Weekly Journal, published.
1721 Mersey Irwell Navigation Act which allowed improvements to be made to the rivers Mersey and Irwell to enable vessels of up to fifty tons to reach Manchester.
1724 First turnpike road in the area between Manchester and Buxton opened.
1729 Cotton Exchange built by Sir Oswald Mosley in the Market Place.
1733 Kay's flying shuttle developed. This speeded up weaving and brought about an imbalance between spinning and weaving which ultimately led to developments such as Hargreaves' Spinning Jenny, Arkwright's water frame and Crompton's mule.
1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie passed through Manchester on his way to Derby and again on his retreat northwards.
1752 Manchester Mercury first published. Ceased publication in 1830.
Manchester Infirmary (later Manchester Royal Infirmary) founded.
1754 Flying coach to London took four days.
Manchester's first workhouse opened.
1756 St Mary's Church consecrated.
1757 Census gave Manchester's population as 17,101.
1759 Bridgewater canal act.
1760 London to Manchester by coach took three days.
Second Bridgewater Canal Act which authorised its construction to Manchester rather than Salford.
1761 Opening of Bridgewater Canal, the first modern artificial waterway, linking Worsley to Manchester.
1767 Hargreaves' Spinning Jenny developed, to have significant effect on the development of Manchester in the latter half of the century.
1769 Arkwright invented his water frame which led to the development of water-powered mills.
1770 Gentlemen's Concert Club founded, later to become Gentlemen's Concert Society.
1772 Manchester's first bank opened.
1773 Percival's census of Manchester gave population as 22,581.
Bridgewater Canal to Runcorn opened.
1774 Pleasure boats began to sail on bridgewater Canal.
1775 Theatre Royal, Spring Gardens, opened.
1779 Crompton developed the mule which finally forced the spinning industry into steam-powered mills.
1781 Manchester Chronicle first published. Ceased publication in 1838.
Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society founded.
1783 College of Arts and Science founded.
1785 Power loom weaving developed by Edmund Cartwright.
1786 Manchester Academy founded.
1788 Estimated population of Manchester 48,821.
Mosley Street Congregational Church opened.
Heywood's Bank established.
1789 Mosley Street Unitarian Chapel erected.
Construction of the first steam engine used in the manufacture of cotton.
New Bailey Prison opened.
1790 Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal Act passed.
Power looms introduced into Manchester.
1792 Manchester and Salford Police Act passed which provided an improved means governing the town in conjunction with the manorial Court Leet.
Assembly Rooms in Mosley Street opened.
Offices of the Manchester Herald destroyed by rioters who believed the paper supported the French Revolution.
Exchange in Market Place demolished.
New workhouse opened.
1794 St Peter's Church, St Peter's Square, consecrated.
St Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel, Mulberry Street, built.
John Dalton reported his discovery of 'Daltonism', or colour blindness, at a meeting of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society.
1797 Food riots in Manchester.
Ashton Canal completed through Manchester.
McConnel and Kennedy open their first spinning factory in Union Street. These mills are still standing today.
1799 Soup kitchens opened because of high price of food and the trade recession.

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