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Taking a spiritual look at a new age

Manchester Cathedral receives more than 70,000 visitors each year and the space is too small for the wealth of historic information.

A new visitors centre, to be created in the adjoining buildings of Hanging Bridge Chambers and 10-12 Cateaton Street, will sit above the remains of Hanging Bridge, deep in the heart of the city's medieval quarter.

From the new Exchange Square, visitors will walk down one of the ramps and over the Hanging Ditch Flume - a key feature in the new square.


The Very Reverend Ken Riley, Dean of Manchester, pictured at Hanging Bridge said: "Our fine new Visitors Centre here will help us to interpret spiritual values afresh for a new Manchester in a new age."

On approach, visitors will gain spectacular views of Hanging Bridge and the centre's lecture space and cafe bar. At ground level, the reception space will be busy and informative with a small bookshop and access to other floors.

The Living Cathedral Exhibition will give an historical survey of the church buildings and famous events while the Medieval Exhibition will show and explain archaeological discoveries made on the site and artefacts from excavations near the Cathedral.

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