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Manchester Statistics

Greater Manchester
Total residents : 2.5 million
North West
Total residents : 7 Million

Greater Manchester itself is a large consumer and business market in its own right, with a population of 2.5 million, a workforce of 1.2 million and a GDP of 28 billion (US$41 billion). This represents around %38 of the regional GDP of 75 billion.
Over 2 million people live within a ten mile (16 km) radius of Manchester and more than 5 million people within a radius of 30 miles (48 km).

Labour Supply in the greater Manchester region 2001-2006
District 2001 2006 Change
Greater Manchester 1,199,900 1,218,000 18,100

Unemployment December 2003:
Area Number Rate Nov 2003 Dec 2003
Greater Manchester 39,622 3.5 -0.2% -7.2%
North West 103,208 3.3 1.3% -8.6%
Uk 889,717 3.2 0.6% -3.1%

Number of students in City aged 18 and over:
Over 85,000
Manchester has four Universities, Manchester, UMIST, Manchester Met and Salford.
There are also another 14 Universities and higher education institutions in surrounding areas, making the total population of almost 350,000 students within an hour's drive time of Manchester.

Airport: 17 Million passengers each year. 112,000 tonnes of cargo annually
Bus: Busses on the Manchester Network travel 80 million miles per year.
Metrolink: 14 Million use this service annually.
Motor Vehicles: Manchester is served by the M6, M62 and the M60. There are 1.083 million motor vehicles in Greater Manchester

Manchester has a force of 6,938 police officers, 3,243 support staff and 685 members of the Special Constabulary. The area we police covers just under 500 square miles in the north west of England. Geographically, our 'beat' could not be more diverse, ranging from open tracts of moorland with rural communities to large conurbations and inner-city areas.

Manchesters Central Library has over 1.5 million visitors a year, whilst the University John Rylands holds over 3.6million books, and 1million manuscripts. Libraries in the area hold books in Asian Languages, Chinese and also Jewish Scripts. Overall, Manchester has 22 district libraries, which compares to a national average of 13 for a similar city size
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