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Great Days Out
Great Days Out
Hidden Tours Guide

A tour of the parts of Manchester City Centre that people often miss... Jonathan Schofield, Blue Badge Guide

by Blue Badge Guide Jonathan Schofield
Photos by Aidan O'Rourke

Jonathan Schofield's official blue badgeCities can be slippery. You've visited a place for a couple of days and found a bar you've liked, seen a couple of principal buildings and think you've done it. Another time zone later and you're talking to someone who's been to the same place. You say, "it was all right but I didn't really see what the fuss was about." The other person says in surprise "but didn't you see such and such." " Er, no" stammer, starting to redden,..." it was a business trip, I didn't really get time to leave the hotel room....honest"

Well , this is your chance to be the smart alec in control of the above situation and find some of the parts other people leave out when visiting, or indeed, whilst living, in the city. Facade detail, UMIST

But even this selection is a mere taster, the best way to find hidden Manchester is to go out and discover. This article confines itself to the city centre.

As a caveat, the word hidden is used cautiously because, in many ways, the items listed below are not so much hidden as missed; many are features of important buildings which are easily disregarded. Remember the key is to always look above the shop fronts, up and around at the buildings. Treat this advice with discretion when crossing busy roads.

Rooftop decoration, John Rylands Library

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