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Great Days Out
Hidden Tours Guide

Guided Tours Of Manchester

by Blue Badge Guide Jonathan Schofield

The Manchester Rock Tour

A rock and rollercoaster tour around the city centre and suburbs of Manchester visiting the sites associated with the bands and songs that have put the city on top of the worlds playlists. Bands examined include The Hollies, Hermans Hermits, The BeeGees, 10CC, The Buzzcocks, Joy Division/New Order, The Fall, The Smiths, James, Simply Red, The Stone Roses, The Inspiral Carpets, Happy Mondays/Black Grape, Take That, M-People and Oasis. Informative and fun, the tour includes photo-opportunities, crazy games, sing-a-longs or karaoke, a quiz with prizes and a guided commentary which gives you the facts and the anecdotes behind the city's success.This tour can also be adapted as a walking tour around the sites and venues associated with the bands mentioned above. The walk also includes a quiz with prizes.

Manchester in the Picture

City, moor and plain: Visit favourite locations captured on TV and in the Movies around the city, including those in A Taste of Honey, Billy Liar, Empire of the Sun, Yanks, Reds, Sherlock Holmes, House of Cards, Prime Suspect, Cracker, GBH, Pride and Prejudice , Brideshead Revisited and, of course,Coronation Street . You can also visit the amazing body double of the Houses of Parliament in Manchester. Plus games, the opportunity to read a script and an informative commentary.

Beyond the Street:

The Manchester in the Picture tour (above) can be customised to concentrate on Coronation Street alone, looking at the many important scenes which have taken place away from the set. The tour includes activities and the opportunity for guests to become street stars for a while.

This Sporting City

Manchester is at the centre of sports excellence in Britain. For instance in 1997 the champions of all four football leagues came from the conurbation. Take an informative and humorous tour of the city's sporting history including a look at the origins of Manchester United and Manchester City. Also we examine Lancashire Cricket Club, ice hockey, basketball and other sports. The tour includes a visit to a traditional Manchester pub, gives you the opportunity to throw your arrows at the log end and includes a quiz with prizes.

Walking tours in the city centre

General Tour

An introduction to the city and its unique characteristics with a look at all the principal monuments, the history and people behind them.

Ale Trail

A ramble around an A - Z of Manchester boozers, from the traditional real ale pub to novelties (like a converted public toilet) via our cutting edge cafe-bars. We also partake of and admire the holy pint of beer. Remember this is the home of creamy northern English ale, a beverage to make the tastebuds of the most jaded pallet sing like a nightingale. You can also win some local specialities in our dipsomaniac quiz.

Town Hall Tour

The Town Hall is a masterful statement of high Victorian confidence; a remarkable municipal palace which declares loud and clear Manchester's nineteenth century cotton and engineering dominance, whilst still playing a huge role in the city today. No visit to Manchester is complete without a tour around these glittering halls and corridors.

Ghost Walk

At night the unquiet spirits of Manchester Past climb from their daytime refuges and people the streets and alleys of the old town. Do you dare to find them on this stroll amongst the supernatural? Are you bold enough to visit ancient and spooky buildings where the Manchester Necromancer raised a demon or debate theology with a grumpy deceased chaplain who was always passing judgement on some poor soul? On each walk ghostly manifestations are guaranteed.


A full range of general and specialised tours throughout the north west of England including Chester, Lancaster, Blackpool, the Lake District, Bowland, The Howgills and little known areas such as the Lune Valley with its capital Kirkby Lonsdale. Speciality tours include northern parish churches, the Romans in the north of England, the Middles Ages in the north west, the Industrial Revolution and the folklore of plants.

"The excellent...tour will keep you infotained. Regular tour guide Jonathan Schofield's knowledge is immense, yet not academic. He tells some fine anecdotes...."

Tony Clayton-Lea. The Irish Times. 7th March 1998.


The tours above can be extended or combined if required: for example, with evenings at nightclubs or concerts or with visits to Britains cutting edge record and fashion stores. The tours can concentrate on one theme, for example, Manchester United F.C., Oasis, The Smiths, Nineteenth Century Engineers, Terracotta Architecture in the City, Cottonopolis or City Cemetries. You name it.... we cater for it!

Why not make up your own tour such as an afternoon tour of Popland followed by an evening of ale and ghosts. Or a morning of Manchester architecture and history spiced up with an evening curry tour of Manchesters Asian quarter at Rusholme...

Call Jonathan Schofield on +44 (0)161 872 3013 or fax on +44 (0)161 877 3024


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