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Getting Around
By Foot

Unlike many major cities of the world, Manchester city centre is surprisingly accessible by foot. It takes no longer than 10-15 minutes to walk from one side of the city centre to the other...

For example, to walk from the G/MEX- Bridgewater Hall area of the city centre in the South to the Albert Square/Town Hall central area takes no more than 5 minutes by foot. From the Albert Square, moving further north towards the Arndale Shopping Centre takes a further 5-7 minutes by foot. From the Arndale Centre to the Nynex Arena takes about another 5 minutes by foot.

In 1998 the streets of Manchester are clean and virtually crime free in our experience... You are unlikely to run into any trouble unless you go looking for it! But be careful and vigilant at night if crossing the city on foot... Stay on the main streets, or better still, get a tram or taxi if you can afford the fare...


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