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new panoramic views of Lowry centre


The Lowry is unlike anything you will have seen before, one look at the building and it is easy to see that this is something else. But that's only the half of it. It's the idea behind the Lowry that sets it apart.

There are art galleries of course, but there is also theatre, opera and ballet. Also theres cabaret, comedy and jazz. There are shops and restaurants. And there is Artworks, which really is a world apart.

No matter how many times you go, twice a day, twice a year, there will always be something different. The Lowry is there to be discovered, explored and enjoyed. It is there for everyone and much of it is free.


The Lowry has transformed Salford Quays. Come and see for yourself. It's easy to access and worth a look. The building captures that unusual combination of functionality and beauty, as water and light shimmer across stainless steel and glass.

But it is inside The Lowry that the drama unfolds with not one, but two theaters. Back to Back, each with its own unique atmosphere. Stroll around the Promenade and Galleries. Add this to the fun of Artworks where you can interact with the exhibits on a creative journey.

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 Inside The Lowry
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 Area around Lowry
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 Lowry at Night
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 Lowry at Night (2)
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 View Across Water
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 Another View
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