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Manchester Health - Advanced Health Screening
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Manchester Health - Advanced Health Screening
Manchester Health - Advanced Health Screening

Manchester Advanced Health Screening services

Advanced Health Screening is a service offered to people to locate physical problems and offer solutions to improve health and vitality. Here you will find links to companies offering this service in the Greater Manchester area.

Diagnostic Healthcare Ltd
Mansion House,
3 Bridgewater Embankment,
(Manchester Road)
Cheshire WA14 4RW

T: 0161 929 5679
F: 0161 941 6486

Health Screening, Health MOT or Health Check in Manchester

Prevention is clearly better than having to cure, and a Health screening 'MOT' check performed by Diagnostic Healthcare would be an important part of a preventive health care screening process. We will screen for major diseases such as cardiac diseases, cancer and stroke. This service is available in our Manchester and Birmingham clinics. They are also available in a variety of community clinics. By having a full health screening we can build an extensive picture about your current health, your risk factors and your lifestyle. The results will enable us to compile an accurate and comprehensive report offering you essential advice and recommendations to give you peace of mind about your health. You will be able to discuss in detail all the results and your concerns with one of our experienced Consultants.

Call us on 0844 335 8993 for more information.

A variety of health screenings are available at different prices. They include:
Twitter: @dhc_healthMOT
T: 0161 929 5679

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