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Discount Hotels in Manchester UK

The 3 best ways to find and book the best value deals for hotels in Manchester!

Looking for a Manchester Hotel? Check and compare prices and discounts on all Manchester hotel rooms and deals in Manchester, England, including all city centre hotels in Manchester and Manchester Airport - then book on-line to secure the maximum discount currently available.


Top 10 discount Hotels in Manchester

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Check out and book any of the top 10 hotel discounts - often offered at around 50% below normal prices, and available now at many of the best hotels and serviced apartments in Manchester.


All discounted Manchester Hotels

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Check all hotel special offers and deals currently available on Manchester hotels and serviced apartments.


Manchester Hotels Guide

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Still not sure where you want to stay? Try our comprehensive Manchester Hotels guide - with online booking facilities for every hotel in Manchester, Old Trafford, Salford and the surrounding areas.


Whether you are looking for a 5 star hotel or a bed & breakfast in Manchester, this guide is designed to find you the best value deals and discounts hotels available, whatever level of luxury you require and wherever in the city you wish to stay.

Comprehensive guide to discount Hotels in Manchester & UK

We are here to help you find the ideal hotel in Manchester - which suits all your requirements, and, as importantly, at the best price currently available...

If you are pushed for time you can simply click on 'Top 10 Deals' to discover the 10 best value hotel discounts available in city centre Manchester this week. Many hotels are currently offering discounts on their 'rack' prices of between 40%, rising as high as 70% discounts in some cases.

Or check out ALL Manchester Hotel Deals available to compare all discounts and deals.

If you are looking for 'Budget' deals on Manchester Hotel rooms (from as low as £20 per night) try Budget Hotels for the best deals and discounts on smaller hotels and Bed & Breakfasts in the Manchester area.

If you still cannot find the hotel you are looking for look on 'All Hotels' for comprehensive reviews and the best deals available on every hotel in the Manchester area.

Finally, if there are 2 or 4 of you (or more) coming to Manchester and you want 5 star luxury accommodation at the same price as a hotel, why not consider a one or two day stay (or much longer if you wish) at one of the city's leading serviced apartments? They are roomy, luxurious and afford that bit more privacy for parties of 2 to 4. You will also get a living room, kitchen and possibly a view over Manchester from your balcony.

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Manchester Hotels Guide wishes you a pleasant stay!