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Manchester Money

Manchester Money Introduction

Looking for a mortgage broker in Manchester? Or a Manchester-based financial, investment or debt advisor? Have you got a PPI claim or need advice on re-mortgaging or life insurance from a financial adviser, IFA or investment manager in the Manchester area.

Find the right specialist financial adviser, mortgage broker and adviser, PPI claims specialist or debt adviser/consolidator in Manchester here.

Specialist financial & investment advisers in Manchester

Choosing the right Independent Financial Adviser for you in Manchester

Choosing a financial adviser is one of life's critical decisions. In fact, after choosing a partner, it's probably one of the biggest decisions most us of are going to make in life. And though we might not realise the truth of this right now - just as we begin to make this decision - we all come to realise it's truth later on in life, it's said. Simply put, a good, market-wise financial adviser can help you plan and achieve a happier and more prosperous retirement. A poor financial adviser can leave you in penury in as you approach old age. So do not underestimate the long term consequences of the decision you are about to make. It's that serious. Ask anyone with experience on their side and you will get the same advice...

So, how do you find a well-qualified and investment-wise IFA or Financial Adviser in the Manchester area who will put your interests and financial returns before the quest for maximum commission?

  • Check qualifications: better advisers will usually have specialist qualifications, like AF3 in the case of pensions transfers, or better still, will have reached Chartered or Diploma status. (All those Financial Advisers listed in Manchester Money have attained Chartered Status or above.)
  • Check that the IFA in question is authorised by the FSA (Financial Services Authority: (All those IFA's listed in Manchester Money carry full FSA authorisation)
  • On meeting a financial adviser for the first time, they should be expected to explain their services and costs as well as giving you a client agreement outlining their terms of business.
  • Choose an independent financial adviser - one who is happy to search the entire market to find the best deals for you - rather than one who is paid extra commission just to sell certain pre-chosen financial products.
  • Avoid 'tied-advisers' who sell only one company's products, who are little more than Aviva or Prudential salesman.
  • Avoid multi-tied advisers also, as they sell from a limited list companies - almost invariably from those that offer the adviser the greatest commission.
  • Do not underestimate the long-term consequences of your decision. If in doubt about any of the above information, you can select an adviser from this list of fully accredited IFA's

Finding the right Debt Consolidator/Adviser in Manchester

The latest figures from Consumer Credit Council reveal:

  • The CCC service helpline received a record 335,323 calls for help in 2009 - up 25% on 2008
  • More than 150,000 people sought help online with the CCC in 2009 - up 66% on 2008
  • Homeowners owe almost twice as much as renters
  • "The move towards 'search online' for all forms of financial advice continues in 2010 at break-neck speed"

These figures show that the debt-threat created by the credit crunch has not begun to recede yet. If you have debt problems or bills that you cannot pay and you live in the Manchester area, you need to act quickly and decisively - because delay usually only results in the debt growing bigger. Doing nothing is not a sensible option. You can select a Manchester-based debt-consolidator or adviser from the list of Debt Consolidators and Advisers in Manchester. Or if you have more serious debt problems, consider the expert advice of debt experts Company Debt.

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