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Grill On The Alley

Steaks restaurant in Deansgate

5 Ridgefield, Manchester, M2 6EG


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Gaucho Grill exterior

Gaucho Grill interior
Owned by the same group behind the sublime Living Room, the Grill on the Alley is a fine addition to Manchester’s restaurant scene. Soft lighting and a gentle décor provide a relaxing environment to enjoy your meal in, and you’ll be treated to efficient and delicate service. The menu is comprised of a wide range of traditional dishes, although when spotting the inhabited lobster tank at the far end of the restaurant, many visitors may opt to avoid the seafood selection. The atmosphere is warm and lively and the price very reasonable for the excellent experience you’ll be treated to.

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   lovely birthday meal by maureen

my niece took me here last night for a birthday meal (21 again) and the experience was lovely.our server especially made us feel comfortable and happy.

   the GRILL on the ALLEY by Emily Wright

Enjoy a steak then you will love it here! I went traditional... prawn cocktail followed by a fillet with chips and peppercorn. My favourites and enjoyed. Atmosphere good also.

   Excellent by Parker

Had the giant slab of ribs and it is exactly what it says!!! Well worth the dollar.

   Fantastic! by Laughing Donkey

Dined here last Saturday, very busy restaurant - had great service, food and overall a very enjoyable evening. Will definitely return!

   Fond memories by Kevin

Usually go here for my birthday and the big steaks. Best I've had in town (can't afford Gaucho!!)

   Down the Alley!!!! by Brian

This was my third time at this restaurant in the past six months. I have been once for afternoon meal, once in the evening with partner and friend and once for Christmas. The food was ok the first time but they sat 6 of us in a booth clearly designed for 4 people so things were a little cosy to say the least. I do like this type of food (Quality Steak, Fish etc) and despite the first time I went with a friend for an early evening meal, which was ok. The food is just ok, nothing special and not a patch on Gaucho’s in Manchester. If you are going out for a good steak my advice is to go to Gaucho the service is better and the food quality is far superior. The thing that irritated us was they tried to put six guys in a booth that would not fit four of us comfortably. We immediately moved to a round table and told the girl serving us we could not stay there, as it was not comfortable. She said we would have to move but after telling her to get the manager to move us she seemed to leave it at that. The main gripe was the place charges at the top end of the scale but the food you get does not reflect the cost. As an example the advertise Chicken/beef skewers as a starter and they charge £5.95/£6.95 for these and they deliver ONE skewer for the price!!! We were disgusted at this as we thought Skewers meant plural not singular!! Summary: The venue is nice, layout and design is good and it is very busy. The food and service let the place down, it is expensive (For what you get) and the girl that served us was embarrassed by the lack of volume in the food. I would say to anyone considering going DO NOT BOTHER! Go to Gaucho’s in Manchester instead as its better value for money and they have more choice and the people serving you are not robots! I could say a lot more but I think over priced, poor value & terrible service/attitude just about covers it!

   Fantastic meal by Joyce

I dined here on a busy Saturday evening with my husband and some friends. Our experience is what I can only describe as second to none, the food - I had the Kobe fillet steak which everyone should experience! It was cooked to perfection. My husband ordered the Sashimi Tuna again - absolutley delicious our friends were equally as impressed. The service can only be described as amazing. I would definately recommend this restaurant to anyone. There is so much variety to choose from - they even do a black plate special which is the Chefs pick of the day. A great city centre restaurant.

   Quality steak! by Gord

Been a couple of times now and had fillet steak which was awesome. Nice ships too and various veg's were all tasty. IF there's an offer on (it was 50% off when we last went) then it's a bee-line for this place.

   Lobster Lunch ! by Olivia

I enjoyed a really lovely lunch here this week. The place is lively and the service is spot on. The menu is strong on meat as you would expect but that includes fish and a large shellfish selcetion - lots of lobster but also large platters if you really like to get your fingers dirty !!! You cannot beat lobster and chips (best chips in Manchester incidently!)

   Best in town by dinesout

Superb place - great (and generally consistent) food, the best service you'll find in Manchester (the training's brilliant) and it's in a top location. I use the place regularly (5/6 times a month) and I've yet to have a bad experience - great range of fruit juices and smoothies etc for the non-drinker. Well worth a look in.

   10.09.2007 by g.dominik

absolutely terrible...manageress dont know how to open botlee of wine...

   Gorgeous... by Anthony Murray

I just thought that this restaurant was fantastic; I took my fiancé here for our first date (which obviously went down well!). The food was gorgeous and the steaks were mouth watering, almost melted in my mouth. Emma had the Seabass, which I do warn you comes WHOLE (as the menu does suggest) however our lovely server ensured it was beheaded and de-boned. Although a steak restaurant may conger up images of men in suits this restaurant was perfect for a first, second or third date, with a massive selection of fish and healthy fruit smoothies – so no need to eat all that Veg just go to the grill on the alley for one of your 5 a-day!! I even added a shot of vodka to mine for a masculine boost (or confidence boost). Nearly a year on and we will be heading back for our anniversary meal and I can ensure this will not be my frst visit back and will certainly not be my last.

   Great Steak by Paul Books

Best food and service ive had in ages no faults

   The best steak in Manchester? by peter rodgers

The new baby from the Living Room team sports very much the same type of decor as a revamped EstEstEst - loads of timber, and exposed brick set off by clever lighting. It's full of city types (90% male on our last visit) and you can pretty much snort the testosterone as you enter at lunchtime. This is the only place in town as far as I am aware that serves Japanese reared Kobe beef - hand reared, Guinness-fed, hand-massaged and super pampered livestock reputed to yield the tenderest and most succulent cut of beef on the planet. And all for just £50 per steak. So naturally we had to try it...And it was pretty damn good too. But worth £50? Probably not. (I still think the best steaks in Manchester are to be found at the Gaucho Grill). But the buzzy atmosphere of the Grill On The Alley beats the showy theatricality of Gaucho's hands down. So if you are with a bunch of (fairly wealthy) friends looking for a great atmosphere with good (but not quite spectacular) food this is definitely worth a try.

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