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mexican restaurant in City Centre

1 Picadilly Gardens, Manchester, M1 1RG


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Our review:
To really get the jist of why we love Barburrito so much, you’ll have to do a bit of imagining. Think of Subway. Replace the counter assistant (the one who is looking at you like you’ve eaten her firstborn) with a cheerful guy who stops chatting with his co-worker to serve you – because he knows you’re on your lunch break and need to be served quickly.

Then imagine the generic sandwiches at Subway have been replaced with Mexican dishes like quesadillas, burritos and tacos. Instead of that synthetic bread smell, the restaurant smells of chilli, jalepenos, fresh salad and spices. The cheerful guy asks you what you’d like and you say ‘A burrito, please’. You slowly wander from one end of the counter to the other, choosing rice, spicy beans, braised pork in orange sauce with thyme and black pepper, salad, mushrooms, onions, guacamole and salad. You consider a beer but you have to be back at work soon, so decide against it in the end. You hand over a five pound note to the cheerful guy. He gives you change.

You take a seat at a window, watching kids running in and out of the fountain in Piccadilly Gardens, and take a bite of your burrito. It tastes good. Really, really good.

That’s why we love Barburrito. Our happiest hours at work have been those spent daydreaming about going to Barburrito for lunch. And it’s not just us – one reviewer for the Guardian drove up from London just to sink his teeth into one of their delicious concoctions, the Manchester Food and Drink Festival awarded it Best Newcomer in 2006 and we’re yet to hear a bad review from a single person, critic or civilian.

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   Expected better by kayla

First time at barburrito must admit expected better, not hot enough infact mine was cold and only was sitting in gardens so hadn't gone that far for it to lose the heat. Expected warm chips, no they were cold too and wasn't expecting the watery liquid to be dropping out of the bottom of my burrito. So all in all wasn't too impressed and I live on Mexican food. Had too many good meals in Mexico obviously, shame as has such high expectations and found it to be no comparison to the real thing.

   Barburrito Rocks by jess

Excellent, yummy, brilliant, tasty - i love this place more than my cat

   Food of champions by Nat

Couldn't agree more with your review there - Barburrito is bloody brilliant.

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