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The Bank

English restaurant in City Centre

54 Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3HQ


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From the soggy, textureless sausages we were all subject to during school dinners through to the greasefest that is the chip shop saveloy, the humble sausage is rarely the high point of a menu. However, there is one gastropub that is slowly trying to change that.

The Bank on Mosley Street, just off Piccadilly Gardens, is quite an odd venue. Originally built to house the Portico Library – the very first library in Manchester, and still in operation as a member’s only library on the first floor – the building was subsequently occupied by the Bank of Athens until the brewers moved in during the eighties.

A couple of rebrands and renovations later, The Bank is now somewhere between a pub and a gastropub. Heading through the doors you find yourself in a huge space with a bar stretching the length of the room on one side and split-level seating on the other. It aims for class and falls short somewhere between the pink marble and the chandeliers, but somehow it remains rather charming.

There are three distinct menus available throughout the day, each with staple ‘pub food’ options alongside more extravagant flavours such as the breakfast option of Eggs Benedict (£4.75) or the lunchtime Roasted Mushroom Risotto (£6.45).

Our visit coincided with the dinnertime menu. Here the staples of pie and mash and scampi were offset by choices such as Duck Leg Confit in Redcurrant Jus (£7.95) and Lemon and Dill Corn Fed Chicken (£7.25).

We decided to try the pork pie ploughman’s and a tasty sounding steak and ale pie, though with chips instead of mash. Unfortunately we were thwarted on both accounts – not only could they not swap mash for chips (we were told by a slightly embarrassed waitress that they’d take the mash away but we’d have to order chips separately) but the ploughmans was on the lunch menu, which they had stopped serving half an hour ago. Not to worry, we said, pie and mash and fish and chips, then. However, we were thwarted again – the vegetables with the pie had run out. We tried again. Toad in the hole? No vegetables again. We slunk back to our table to reconsider.

We were glad we did, because we realised we had missed an entire menu that was served throughout the day and was entirely devoted to sausages. There are 13 varieties, from the classic Lincolnshire through to Scottish venison, juniper berry and gin, all served up as sandwiches, bangers and mash or the ill-fated toad.

One quick order later and our food arrived. Though you can upgrade both the fish and chips and sausage and mash from standard (£6.45) to large (£9.45), we wouldn’t recommend it unless you haven’t eaten in days. The fish was big enough to bring a smile to any angler’s face and encased in light, crispy batter which offset the chunky, firm flakes and a good stack of chunky chips with plenty of mushy peas.

However, it was the sausage and mash that really shone. The mash was creamy, the gravy rich and blessed with a stack of crispy onion strips. We had chosen the Cumberland sausages and found three nestled into the mash, fat and swollen, juicy enough that the skins popped when you cut into them.

The décor is a little garish and the kitchen could be a little more flexible and well-stocked, but we haven’t eaten better sausages in Manchester. For that reason alone we will be going back again. Probably tomorrow.

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   Lovely Meal by Sheila Frost

Four of us had just been to the afternoon show at the Opera House and was looking for somewhere to eat when we came across The Bank on Saturday 1st Sept and were unsure where to eat. We were very impressed the food was first class. Great choice on the 3 course meal and nice bottle of wine. Hoping to find it again on 15th for another outing! Many thanks!

   Saturday April 2nd by Caroline Campbell-Marshall

Nice and friendly with good food!

   Great Customer Service by Chris McKenna

I was at The Bank on Saturday 24th Aug with 7 friends. We were down from Glasgow for the weekend and were unsure where to eat. We were very impressed by the first class customer service that we expeirenced and the food was 10/10. Great choice when you dont know any local eateries! Thanks!

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