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Bem Brasil Deansgate

Brazilian restaurant in Deansgate

King Street West, Manchester, M3 2GQ


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Bem Brasil

Bem Brasil Deansgate has a large authentic restaurant upstairs with 260 covers upstairs where the 5m long barbeque provides everlasting supply of steak. At Deansgate the bar comes to you with our specially made mobile Caipirinha stations that weave round the restaurant making your choice of Caipirinha in front of you.

Why not try our bar downstairs, with space for 150 people and a great lunch menu serving BBQd Steak, Lamb Sausage or Chicken sandwiches, portions of the meat from upstairs or a traditional Brazilian Salad for only 5.00 each. Open till late with live music Friday and Saturday.

Live Music @ Deansgate:

Friday and Saturday 7:30pm to 10.30pm. Sunday - 3pm to 5pm

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   brazilian food is salty! by tatiane

You all, I am brazilian and I will tell you: brazilian food is salty and seasoned! We have flavour! Not like english food that is tatasteless.

   absolutely loved it by jill

loved it, we went with friends, 4 of us, make sure you are hungry when you go, i have no complaints what so ever.

   great atmosphere by rebecca fairhurst

the staff were amazing - friendly- speedy cocktails. There was a live band playing filling the lower bar area with a great vibe. We stayed for most of the evening when we had only intended to stay for one drink.

   over rated by Kate Mather

Six of us went on a Saturday evening, we enjoyed most of the food on offer (except the sausages) but what left a very sour taste was when they tried to overcharge us - 10% service charge on £220 is NOT £44 !! They had charged service charge x 2 and when we queried it, rushed away and reprinted it and brought it back straight away with no explanation, can't help feeling they do this deliberately and hope most people are too drunk/preoccupied to notice. Wasn't good value for money, certainly didn't feel we had eaten enough meat to justify the price and would have preferred a more traditional meal in quieter surroundings. Feels like a buffet style hotel restaurant - fine for holidays but not a special occasion.

   Top drawer by Antonio Franchitti

Very good, staff quick and polite in busy Sat. Night. Food to a decent standard for 22.50 Alan you need some decent Italian Ice Cream on your menu

   top nite by sara beckles

we recently ate at bem brazil deansgate and had a great nite and r seriously considering putting it forward for our xmas nite out

   Salty and where's the waitresses? by Gary Rudolph

OK, those that complain about salty food have a point, the meat has been salted but that's probably to help make a crispy outer (as well as selling more drinks). Some of the vegetables were also over salted. It was difficult to find waitresses to order desserts or extra drinks. They were very friendly and helpful though, and reasonably quick with drinks etc. The guys walking round with the meats were a bit like busses - nothing for a while and then three at once - they were really good though, helpful and very hospitable. Would I go again - not in a hurry - £25 per person per plate is not a ridiculous price but I would rather have a variety of food - ie starter, main and dessert. I have had much better meals for the £70 per couple that the bill came to. I am happy that I went for the experience and to see what people have been talking about.

   wow what an experience by Mrs Angela Cain

i Came today with my husband and brother, it was my first visit, i loved everything about you. the food was amazing, the staff were great the place itself is lovely. I will be coming back for more visits xxxx

   FABULOUS!!! by Jacki

We had our staff xmas party at Bem Brasil, there were 18 of us who all agreed it was both an excellent venue & served brilliant food that just kept on coming until you could eat no more! Will def be booking it for Xmas 2010!!!

   Loved it by Lucy

I went to Bem Brasil Deansgate on the 11th December for the first time. I had booked a table and we got taken straight upstairs without any waiting around. Thw waiter explained how the place worked and took our drinks orders, which were a little slow to arrive. The meal itself was fantastic, the differents meats came round every 10 minutes and we found it hard to say no even though we were stuffed! The salad bar was lovely but could have had a few more options. Drinks aren't cheap but if your going out for a meal I don't think this should be a huge issue. The owner came and chatted to us for 5 minutes and was very pleasent. I was disappointed that there was no live music as I read that there was on a Friday and Saturday. The atmosphere was very busy, but its Christmas so this was to be expected! I will definitely go back once the Christmas rush has died down. Thorughly enjoyed ourselves :-)

   a fantastic night out by mark

we recently visited the northern quarter resaurant for our managers night out and had a fantastic night the food and service was spot on

   Bad Xmas venue choice night out by Paul Sheath

Awful Xmas night out at this place, 50 mins wait for a table, hardly any food on the salad bar another twenty mins wait for any form of meat, a glass of wine came after twenty mins, the night ran out before most of our party had enough to eat, and we were a party of 20+ not even any remorse was shown to us, would never recomend it to anyone.

   The warmth of Brazil by Dr Cristina Sousa

the food is out of this world. the atmosphere is great and relaxed and staff are extremely friendly. the services is fab!

   This Restaurant is Faulty, It's Far too Salty!! by zaceek

**** NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WITH HEART CONDITIONS OR BLOOD PRESSURE PROBLEMS!!!***** Bem Brasil seem to have implemented the McDonalds policy on food, "the saltier we make the food, the more drinks sold". The Full Rodizio costing 22.50 sounds fairly expensive but not bad value for money when getting lots of choice cuts of meat, eat as much as you like. However, the stinger is, they over salt all of the meat. When you buy yourself another Becks or Diet coke, it sets you back the best part of a fiver per drink. So your 22.50+drinks/person meal becomes a 40 a head disappointment. I really liked the "idea" of the Full Rodizio, to a point where I was experiencing an animalistic excitement! Unfortunately, I was severely disappointed with the quality of the meat and truly exaggerated drinks prices. Great Idea, Bad Restaurant.

   Poor Customer Service by Val

We visited Bem Brazil Deansgate Sunday 27/09/2009. Very dissapointed in the staff who found it difficult to understand when we asked what type/brand/bewery was the smooth beer. The first waitress whilst very pleaseant kept answering yes to my question, after numerous attempts to understand me icluding my husband who asked in Portugese she then went away and bourht another waitress who had less command of the english language than she did..This second waitress then went away to get someone else who was able to answer my question. All the time we were being looked at as though we were doing something wrong by other customers. Made us fell very uncomfortable. We decide to order wine as we could piint at the number. We ordered white wine. This was broughto us after about 10-15 minutes without and ice bucket, the waitress did say she would bring one back to us which came about 10 minutes later.Some of the meat was good but salty.The waiters pleasant.There was a musician playing and singing which was far too loud. When the bill came we noted we had been charged the full amount of 22.50 when we had arrived before 4pm at 3.30. When I questioned this I was advised that it was on the board outside that Sunday was the full amount. The waitress I complained to in a yellow T-Shirt did not appear bothered that we were dissatisfied Looking at this web site it gives the opening times but does not state that Sunday is 22.50 unless I have missed it. We went outside after paying and noted on the board in very small writing amid all the other advertising it did say but I feel this should be made clearer. Needless to say I wont be going again.

   NOT GOOD by Jonathan Barnes

Service was slow and not attentive. Price was high for what we were offered. Salad bar consisted entirely of "fillers" and inexpensive ingredients. Variety of meats with main course was very "obvious" and 1/3 was not cooked enough. Sides sucked- They gave us one greasy fried banana, soggy cheese breads and mashed potatoes. Why not fried bananas? (I think they are too expensive) For everything that I listed as wrong about this place, Churrascaria Tropeiro near the village does 100% better - better service, better sides, better ingredients and generous portions!

   Salty by G. Shaw

Just Very Very Salty shame because lots of good points about the place,

   terrible by brian aherne

the food was far too salty, the meat was very fatty, drinks overpriced 3.80 for a lager shandy and the staff were rude and argumentative. Do not go!!

   Salty by Marco Soinossa

One word: SALTY! I never drink even half a glass of water but I had two cups here because every piece of meat I had was so incredibly salty. We went on a Saturday night and they had a live musician. It was alright, but it was way too loud. I'm not some old fogey who doesn't like loud noises either. I felt like I was shouting every time I spoke. But that really doesn't bother me because the food was SO SALTY. Did I say that already?! So salty. And tough. And then the bill came and I was so mad I had to pay that much for something that tasted so bad

   Yum!! by Natalie

Brilliant dining experience - loved everything about it!! Great food, great service and atmosphere.

   amazing by paul

4 of us dined there last night and as the title says, it was amazing! the food was out of this world, every single cut of meat was perfect, we tried 10 different cuts and am already looking forward to going again. staff very friendly too, probably the best restaurant in manchester. if you read any bad reviews about this place don't listen, just go and enjoy yourself!

   Very Good! by Natalie Hewitt

Had an excellent meal at Bem Brasil, Deansgate. Food and service were great. Will definately visit again. Highly recommended.

   service by afia Khatun

Service by the waiters at bem Brazil was excellant. Waiters/resses were very freindly and polite. However, The head waiter or manager in his suit was VERY INCOMPETENT and unprofessional with the bill. He was not helpfull at all and this is not good for customer servies, especially at a restaurant where customers are paying alot of money! He didnt even see that there was a miscaluation on the bill and took extra!

   Not as good as expected by Mrs Koolack

Not as good as expected meat very undercooked very expensive "barbeque"

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