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Manchester Restaurants

We love the Manchester restaurant scene. We love finding new places to eat, we love trying them out and we especially love gossiping about them afterwards with other foodies.

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We've listed restaurants in the city by name, area and cuisine so you can find the type of restaurant you are looking for easily. We have debated for hours until we decided on our Top 10 Restaurants in Manchester, covering everything from the British-themed fine dining on offer at Damson MediaCity to the incredibly cheap, incredibly good curry at EastZEast. We've even created a list of our Favourite Restaurants in Manchester so you'll never be short of a recommendation.

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“Fantastic Fabulous Amazing WOW !!”

My Lahore


Bollywood Masala

“Banging ”

The Parkfield Inn

“you can ask for no more”

Namaste Nepal

“The best in the world”

Sanam Sweet House & Restaurant

“Very good and Very Cheap”


“Very Nice Restaurant ”

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