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Get the Max out of online shopping in Manchester here....

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We have a huge selection of products for purchase online. Simply use the menu on the right to find what you need or click on the images below if you know where you want to go

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We've got everything from high street shops to specialist online stores. There are book shops, fashion shops and gift shops as well as supermarkets. You can buy clothes, dvds, white goods, mobile phones and more safely. You can even compare prices before you buy.

Why wait in queues, fight over parking spaces and have to brave the elements when you can do all your shopping right here?
Whether it's a Manchester United shirt, engagement rings or online shopping for necklaces, we've got them all in stock.

Maybe you need a last minute gift click on to any of the tried and tested e-commerce sites that we have listed in the navigation bar on the right hand side of this page.

Before making a final decision you can compare the latest price reductions by clicking on the 'compare prices' box on the left hand side of this page. So don't be shy of making a purchase on-line!

And finally, if you're an experienced on-line shopper we'd love to get some feedback from you. Whether your experience has been good or bad, your views may help others. Please click here to tell us about your views and experiences of on-line shopping.

Guardian Unlimited (Friday, February 16, 2007) reported - Online shopping is set to quadruple by 2020, when it will account for almost 40% of all UK retail sales, up from just 2% in 2002. According to a report today from the price comparison service, uSwitch, internet sales will reach 40bn this year, accounting for some 15% of overall retail sales. By 2020, they will hit 162bn.

Steve Weller at uSwitch said: "The dramatic surge in online shopping last Christmas shows that British consumers are already savvy to the benefits of buying goods and services over the internet.
Over the last year broadband prices have fallen by up to 17% while speeds have gone up, making it cheaper and simpler for consumers to log on instead of going out to the shops. "

Mr Weller said consumers could save as much as 13bn a year by shopping online - 500 for every household in the country. Average online savings are 13% on grocery items, 21% on services and 15% on travel and leisure activities, he said.

More than 13 million people are now signed up to broadband, making internet shopping faster and easier.

According to research by uSwitch, 8m UK households spend on average two hours a day shopping online. The average household spends 980 a year on online goods and services, representing 10% of their 9,630 total annual shopping bill.

The most popular products bought online are holidays, music and films.

Rather than face traffic jams and queues at high street tills, people are overcoming their fears about the security of making credit card purchases online and spent their money in virtual stores.

IMRG's James Roper said: 'Online shoppers are having a very positive experience in terms of saving time and better choices. Everybody in Britain is time pressured and this is really helping people.'

Peter Stewart of said 'We ourselves at VM buy pretty much everything on-line from groceries through to books, CD's and tons of computer hardware and software.

Over the past eight years we reckon we've bought literally thousands of items on-line. We only ever buy from reputable companies and have only once ever had any kind of problem...the wrong kit arrived, which was quickly replaced, but it was still a hassle having to repackage and then send the kit back. Apart from that, every transaction we have ever made has been successful first time.

In our opinion, buying goods on-line is far safer and more secure than giving your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant or giving your card number out over the long as the company you are dealing with has a good reputation!'