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European Cup 1999 Street Party.

Stree Party!

8pm Deansgate, Manchester

The streets of Manchester were filled with over half a million adoring fans to welcome back United's treble winning team from European Cup Victory in Munich.

To be amongst the crowd was an unforgettable experience... 500,000 people with smiles upon their faces, standing in Deansgate to see Fergies Aces.

Most interesting to watch were the expressions of disbelief on the faces of the United players as the team bus crawled slowly down Deansgate. Each player seemed to shake his head in wonder at the size and passion of the crowd.

An incREDible experience for them and us. Afterwards the city centre began to look like Turin or Rome on a cup-winning night as thousands of cars screeched around Albert Square with people, flags, inflatable European Cups and banners hanging from every available window.

An unforgettable night as Manchester painted the town red.

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