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Visiting Old Trafford for a Match or Event

Old Trafford, Manchester

These pages are designed by a bunch of football fans - some of whom live in Manchester and others who visit the city on a regular basis - to help you get the max out of your next visit to Old Trafford, Manchester.

We explain the best ways to get tickets to see matches and main-events at Old Trafford, plus the best hotel deals available near Old Trafford (and where to book them on-line), as well as the best restaurants near Old Trafford and city centre Manchester, depending on which type of food or cuisine you fancy.

We also cover a short list of 'MUST-DO' things for you to consider whilst you are in the Old Trafford/Manchester area.

Also included is travel advice to and from Old Trafford, Manchester by tram, bus, train and car (with car parking advice) as well as comprehensive maps of Old Trafford.

You can also find a schedule of all up-and-coming events at Old Trafford over the coming months on these pages.

And finally, if you're having problems getting tickets to Manchester United games, click Manchester United tickets for best advice from a bunch of experienced fans who sometimes have exactly the same problem...

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