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Teeth brushed, ears cleaned, excitable youngsters from all around the UK make the pilgrimage to Manchester; the capital of the North. Waving farewell to their grinning parents, the pale-skinned newbies begin the Lord of the Rings-esque journey that is a university degree.

We remember how you feel. The nerves of excitement. The smell of mouldy student halls. Fondly we look out from our tax-paying apartment windows as hoards of wide-eyed freshers tentatively start their university life. We remember it well. Not so long ago the team at were also enthusiastic members of the student fraternity. We remember nights out. We remember drinking Carlsberg in the middle of the day eatching Countdown. We remember falling asleep in Platt Fields park after one too many sambucas. We�d hate to admit it, but we�re a tiny bit jealous.

Here at we think University should be the time of your life. Alas, some people don�t think the way we do. It�s a sad fact, but some people don�t want you to have fun at university. Landlords, lecturers, the fickle mistress of coursework. These people seem intent on making your wonder years a struggle, even a trial. There isn�t a course unit on how to survive at University � So this is where we come in.

Having struggled with these burdens, we�ve decided that enough is enough. Like the proverbial A team we�re coming to your aid. We�re the Sean Bean to your Frodo and the Jack Bauer to your Kim. Imparting all we�ve learnt from our time as Manchester students, we�re here to impart our Yoda like wisdom onto the student populace. Know what we�re talking about, we do. Bask in our wisdom and rejoice. We�ll sort you out.

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Littered around these hallowed pages you’re going to find the best guide to being a scholar in this fair city. You’ll know all the best places to drink, you’ll have infinite knowledge of the best places to go get your boogie on and you’ll hazily remember the best alleys to throw up afterwards in. Maybe not the last bit about alleys. That’s usually a personal preference.

Delve deeper into this site and you’re going to find the best advice we could come up with about being a student in Manchester. Naturally, it’s all irrelevant bull, but it’s very funny and excellent all the same. Gems include a survival guide for first years and news articles we made up down the pub. Children, this is your one stop resource for being a student in Manchester. Therefore, as you’re perusing this urn of usefulness, this bibliotheque of banter, think of all the poor kidnapped students who wrote in exchange for sugar cubes.
Now lets go and get naked in the hot tub...

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