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Drug Guide

When you arrive at University there are many decisions you start to make for yourself. Student Local will help you to make a more informed decision. Possessing or trafficking (meaning supplying, intending to supply, importing and exporting) some drugs is illegal. The misuse of Drugs Act classifies these as either Class A, B or C and each class has different penalties.

Proving the drugs you possess and whether you intend to deal is very difficult for the police so they often base their decision on the quantity in your possession. And no one can ever tell you what this is so be very careful. Apart from the legalities there are the obvious health and safety reasons you may want to consider. Again this is a topic that is continually discussed and each person has their own opinion. Make sure yours is the right one for you and never be talked into doing something you do not feel 100% sure about.

The Class A: The Heavy drugs, includes heroin, cocaine/crack cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, morphine, methadone (if not on personal prescription), opium, pethidine, cannabis oil. Also any Class B drug if prepared for injection. Maximum Penalties: For possession: seven years jail plus unlimited fine. For trafficking: life imprisonment plus unlimited fine.

Class B: Includes amphetamine, codeine, DF118, barbiturates. Maximum Penalties: For possession: five years jail plus unlimited fine. For trafficking: 14 years jail plus unlimited fine.

Class C: Includes cannabis resin, marijuana, tranquilisers, distalgesic and weaker stimulants. Maximum Penalties: For possession: two years jail plus unlimited fine. For trafficking: five years jail plus unlimited fine. Best not to make light of this subject, but you will also be immediately thrown out of your halls of residence and probably not be taken back onto your course. After all the universities know even with your academic qualification most employees will only see your drugs conviction.

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