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Chances are that you know everything about your chosen University (Unless you're in the same boat as I am, and ended up at Manchester University through a random flick through the UCAS handbook), however the city is home to four major institutions, and should things turn pear shaped it might be worth knowing that you can stay in Manchester and simply change to another University.

Manchester, M13 9PL
Founded: 1851

Welfare: Central academic advisory service, counsellors, student health service, SU welfare office, interdenominational chapel, day nursery
Careers: Information, advice and placement service
Amenities: SU bars, live music venue, second hand bookshop, student market etc.
Sports: Indoor sports centres, wide range of outdoor sport (Firs Athletic Ground, athletics union, boat house, yacht club, football pitches)
Access: Bus
Special: Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope, Manchester Museum, Whitworth Art Gallery
Library: John Rylands University Library, over 3 million volumes, 8000 periodicals, 650 study places, course books on reference.

All Saints, Manchester, M15 6BH
Founded: 1970 University Status: 1992

Welfare: Counsellors, chaplains, learning support advisors (learning skills, disability and educational advice), branch surgery at Didsbury and All Saints, nursery shared with Manchester University, legal advice from solicitors at SU, some accommondation for disabled students.
Careers: Information, guidance and advice
Amenities: Horniman Theatre, art galleries and studios, SU building including bars, restaurant, shop and laundrette
Sports: Sports facilities including gymnasia, sports halls, fitness rooms, tennis and squash courts, weight training and swimming pools at Didsbury
Access: Regular bus service
Library: 8 libraries, total of 1 million volumes, 4100 periodicals, 3000 study places

Manchester, M60 1QD
Founded: 1824, charter awarded 1956

Welfare: Dentists, psychiatric adviser, clinical psychologist, councellors and nurses, purpose built chapel for all denominations, overseas student adviser
Amenities: SU building with bar, shop, travel bureau, nightclub, halls, lounges, wide range of clubs and societies, sports centre. Students may also join Manchester University SU
Access: Bus, train and metrolink
Library: Over 231,000 volumes, also resources of main university library Centres of Excellence: Joule Library

Salford, Greater Manchester, M5 4WT
Founded: 1896, charter awarded 1967

Welfare: Health centre, psychotherapist, professional welfare officers, overseas students' adviser, equal opportunities officer, chaplainacy, access to nursery, some residential facilities for married and disabled students
Careers: Information, advice and placement through 'milk round'
Amenities: Restaurants, snackshop, bookshop, union shop, bank on campus, SU building with bar, insurance and travel bureau
Sports: Leisure centre with 4 squash courts, climbing wall, gym, tennis courts, all weather pitches, fitness room, floodlit astroturf (tennis and 5-a-side football)
Access: Motorway links (M602), bus, train (main line railway station on campus)
Special: Integrated chairs where professors work part-time in university and part-time in senior positions in their company eg British Aerospace (aeronautical engineering), Unilever (applied chemistry), British Telecom (information technology), Granada TV (media)
Library: Combined library and computing service: 381,000 volumes in total, 1220 periodicals, 1340 study places plus 750 computer workstations.

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